R.I.P. Dad, :( 5/29/05

Loving Husband, Father and Brother.
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Pictures of my father during working hours and after work The Spiro you knew, and didn't know. Please leave your comments if you knew him, if he helped you...etc. thanks.

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On the morning of May 29, 2005 at 7:03am, Spiro was hit by a drunk driver.  A 24 year old punk named Christopher Flores of Massapequa Park, slammed full speed into the rear of my fathers car which was on the side of the highway apparently broken down. It was a sunny morning, no traffic and a 3 lane highway.

Tragically Spiros life was taken instantly.  The only thing this drunk driver was able to say was sorry, I didn't mean it to some people who were at the accident site. Sorry doesn't even come close to cutting it.....

Spiro was loved by many, he was a loving husband, the best father and brother too many. Everyone that came in contact with him knew he was the best, and always on top of things. He didn't know the meaning of failure.

There were so many people at his wake and funeral, for those of you who the family has missed, thank you for being there in our time of need and sorrow. The director of the funeral parlor estimated over 800 people came to pay there respects. Just goes to show, what kind of following he had. 

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